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We are committed to being as close as possible to our customers and to providing you with precise information about how our products are made.

We are proud of our 100% French production at our site in Rinxent, Hauts-de-France. You can find photos of our production site on our website and on LinkedIn and Facebook.

We would like to share our advice and experience with you through our publications on social networks.

Our sales team is committed to offering expert advice and helping you make the most of our wide range of accessories and options. This personalised service makes our products suitable for a wide range of hospital and clinic departments. Emergencies, paediatrics, ambulatory care, oncology, bariatrics, nephrology, medical imaging (MRI, radiology, fluoroscopy, etc.), consultations and sampling are among our specialities.

You can contact us on our website or by telephone +33 (0)3 21 10 25 30.