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This summer, Acime Frame continues its efforts to provide healthcare facilities with innovative equipment that addresses the needs of medical professionals. Here are a few deliveries that were completed throughout July.

Acime Frame’s ceiling rail screen design was chosen to equip the double rooms in a new hospital in the greater Paris region.

The purchasing manager of the hospital centre reviewed the Acime medical screen model:

” The feedback we receive on these screens is consistently positive, whether it comes from patients, healthcare workers, cleaning staff, or managers.

We are looking into installing more units of this equipment in the upcoming years. Several of our rooms are cramped and the ceiling rail system is a perfect fit to overcome this issue.”

Discover the numerous benefits of these medical partition screens.

In central France, an outpatient surgery service is preparing its grand opening within the new facilities of a local clinic. As part of this development project, Acime Frame provided the clinic with both DHC Fusion A armrest chairs and Ambu Fusion 2 barriers chairs to equip 25 units within the service.

At the beginning of the month, Acime Frame installed 43 rigid medical privacy screens on the site of a new hospital complex project in Belgium, with an official opening planned in 2023. Find out why this hospital centre picked Acime Frame as its medical screens supplier.

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