Acime Frame's Medical Upholstery Workshop

Since 2019, the healthcare equipment leader Acime Frame has been making continuous efforts to integrate its upholstery activities within its primary location in Rinxent, Pas-de-Calais (France). This integration allows for more flexibility and rapidity in the delivery process and for higher hygiene and comfort standards than ever. Thanks to this strategy, Acime Frame can keep delivering high-quality, creative products, thereby strengthening its core values:

  • Mastery of its production to guarantee premium quality and a relationship of trust with its clients,
  • Constant innovation to meet the evolving needs of both patients and medical professionals,
  • Comfort for all users of the company’s products.

The saddlery workshop at Acime Frame employs 5 skillful saddlers who use their expertise to assemble foams, materials and linings selected with care, adhering to demanding technical specifications. Acime Frame’s products are known for their high level of customisation, their mindful design, their innovative materials, their durability, and their wide range of colours. These features become reality thanks to the hard work of the upholsterers at Acime Frame, enabling the company to offer a broad choice of medical equipment for healthcare services all around the world: transfer and recovery chairs, examination couches and stretchers.

Local production and domestic supply sourcing (98% of Acime Frame’s suppliers are based in France) are a source of pride for the company. The progressive integration of saddlery to the headquarters participate to this commitment to quality and corporate social responsibility to help the hospital sector achieve its care missions.