Neo Strate Examination Couch


The Neo Strate consultation table has a variable height which spans from 85 cm down to 37 cm. This low reception position facilitates the installation for people with reduced mobility and improve the caregivers’ security when handling.

This examination couch is suitable for all types of consultations thanks to its wide range of accessories: Face hole for physiotherapy, stirrups or leg supports for gynecology, IV pole, …


The upholstery of the Neo Strate variable height couch is made of high resilience foam to guarantee an optimal comfort during the appointment. The polyurethane coating is M1 fire safety classified and available in a wide range of colours to improve the patients’ and caregivers’ well-being.


The structure is robust, and the base is extremely stable. Anti-crushing safety sensors secure the patient when they are sitting on the couch while the variable height is being operated.

Optional barriers can be added for even more security.


The smooth upholstery is easy to clean. It is resistant to the usual medical grade cleaning products.


Overall width: 650 mm
Overall length: 2000 mm

Variable height: 370 to 850 mm
Lying width: 620, 720 and 820 mm

Backrest on gas lift: 0° to 90 °

Upholstery thickness: 60/80 mm

Maximum load: 240 kg

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