Our commitments

Our commitments
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Fauteuil médical Acime

Our commitments
Towards patients

Fauteuil médical Acime

Healing design

We developed warm, colourful care solutions that bring cheerfulness to services. We are convinced that colourful design helps patients to heal.

Comfortable seating

We attach great importance to the comfort of your patients, which is why our mattresses and upholstery are thick and soft, with different types of foam and coverings. Some equipment has padded armrests for greater comfort during treatment. Our equipment comes in a range of sizes to suit the patient’s body size.


The electrical functions of our equipment ensure smooth, fluid movements, providing comfort of use and greater independence for the patient. Most of our armrests are retractable to make it easier for the patient to settle in. And they are multi-positional to adapt to all patients and give them greater mobility.


A wide choice of options and accessories is available to adapt to the patient’s profile (paediatric – bariatric – variable height – etc.). Different mattress widths and coverings are available.


Acime is constantly innovating alongside care establishments, listening to both carers and patients to translate their needs into innovative solutions.

Security and quality

Our equipment is tested to ensure the safety of patients during their care. Various standards and specifications are complied with, such as: M1 fire standard, antibacterial treatment, etc. Our innovative Full Washable System® guarantees optimal cleaning of the equipment.

Towards the planet

For 30 years now, Acime has been committed
to the environment.


Eco-design guides our innovation, and we use an environmental management system to minimise our impact on the environment.

Local roots

We design and manufacture our ambulatory care solutions at our site in Hauts-de-France. Our manufacturing methods, involving the integration of more and more professions and new skills, enable us to reduce the consumption of raw materials and the impact of transport.

Anti-waste on-demand production

We are committed to reducing our environmental footprint with 100% French on-demand production thanks to our local suppliers.

Recyclable materials

Respect for the environment is paramount in the design of our products, which is why we use sustainable and recyclable materials. With the help of our local suppliers, wood and metal offcuts are recovered and recycled for heating or packaging in the case of wood, and for re-use in the case of metals. We also favour eco-certified cleaning products.

Durable and repairable equipment

Our equipment is designed to last and to be repaired, and our team of technicians is on hand to provide maintenance and combat programmed obsolescence.

Our certifications

Thanks to our commitment to sustainable development, we have obtained several certifications: in 2021, CAHPP once again rewarded our environmental and social efforts by awarding us an A+ rating on its Green Index. In 2022, the BPI recognised our commitment by inviting us to join the “Coq Vert” community to pursue and deepen our CSR policy.

Join us!

We are always on the lookout for talented and motivated individuals to join our team We are committed to providing a positive and flexible environment that promotes work-life balance We look forward to showing you all we have to offer!

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