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Aku Vue

Ambulatory chairs
Patient transfer, ambulatory care; it adapts to your needs

The +

Electrical equipment

Autonomy for the patient and ease of use for the practitioner

« Crabots » headrest with U shaped head cushion

Optimal in the operating theatre with additional options

Full Washable system®

Quick, tool-free disassembly for simplified hygiene and maintenance procedures

  • Epoxy steel frame
  • Lateral break pedals
  • Electric variable height
  • Central braking system and 5th wheel
  • “Perfect transfer” side rails
  • Fixed push handles at foot side
  • Remote control for electrical functions, with reset
  • Headrest with claws and head cushion
  • 60mm or 80mm thick PU mattress
  • Transparent plastic-coated band at foot side
  • Instrument rails on side rails

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